Aviva Siegel is a video editor working in Los Angeles, CA. She's worked with brands & agencies such as AJ+, Grindr, Athletic Greens, Gamology, Sun Basket, Unfold, Reggie Watts, and more. Recently, Aviva worked with AJ+’s comedic web series “Newsbroke” editing content about the pandemic that resulted in a nomination for the 2020 Webby Awards.
While working as a lead video editor at Sun Basket, a meal-kit delivery company, she worked closely with the marketing department and a team from Facebook in creating data-driven content that helped to grow their customer base. She produced and edited ads, created engaging social media campaigns, and helped to produce and edit Sun Basket’s first national commercial.
As a freelance video editor, Aviva has specialized in digital content for a variety of different platforms and creators. Aviva worked as a contractor for the popular YouTube channel Gamology in creating comedic videos about video game culture that have since garnered millions of views. Additionally, she provided VFX work on a recent music video featuring comedian Reggie Watts, and has worked with Grindr in editing content for their brand IntoMore.
Aviva is a jack-of-all trades editor, and knows Adobe Suite like the back of her hand. She specializes in Premiere Pro, and has skills in graphic design, color correction, motion graphics, animation, and live production in addition to her abilities as an editor.
When Aviva isn't video editing, you can find her drumming, baking soft pretzels, or hanging out with her cats Flippy & Hambone.

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